VOTE YES! with your mail ballot to sustain local funding for Lawrence schools.

Lawrence Public Schools are asking voters whether our community will sustain local funding for our schools. A YES vote will maintain our local funding, regardless of what happens in the school finance debate in Topeka. We're counting on you all to VOTE YES, and we're counting on you to talk to your friends and neighbors to make sure YES ballots get back to the county clerk's office by noon on January 27th!
Lawrence schools will be cut by $1.4 million dollars if the ballot question fails. That will cost us teachers and staff. It will force schools to put more students in each class. With the mail ballot in your house right now, you have the ability to make sure that we keep local funding in place for our schools. We don't know what will happen in Topeka as the Governor and Legislature debate school finance, so let's do what we can to make sure students in Lawrence can succeed no matter what happens elsewhere!

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Grassroots volunteers are calling neighbors to raise awareness about this crucial mail ballot vote. You have an important role to play in helping the Yes For Lawrence campaign.

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