Reinvesting in Lawrence. Say Yes to Neighborhood and Property Value Stability

A community that has stopped investing in its school system has stopped investing in its future. We can’t let that happen. Now is our chance to invest in the future.

The bond will benefit the entire Lawrence community. Here’s how:

Well-educated students Good future employees Greater innovation A robust economy Higher incomes A higher tax base

Other benefits:

  • Strong schools stabilize property values across the city; strong schools = strong neighborhoods
  • Strong schools anchor strong neighborhoods, which support nearby businesses and a stable downtown (which attracts tourism dollars)
  • A strong school system fuel local business recruitment—because businesses and entrepreneurs choose cities where their kids and their employees’ kids can get a good education
  • The expansion of the allied health program will provide more employees who can serve the health care needs of Lawrence’s growing population of seniors
  • The new addition to Lawrence High School’s cafeteria will enable the district to expand the Farm-to-Schools healthy food program across the district (Lawrence High is the hub of this activity)
  • This $92.5M investment in schools will infuse $92.5M into our local economy

A strong school system is KEY to a vibrant future for Lawrence.

Please vote YES on April 2nd.