Think Greener. Think Safer. Say Yes to Safer, Healthier, & Sustainable Schools

The bond is also about fixing problems. Our school facilities need upgrades to increase efficiency, curtail wasted energy costs, and increase security.

Although many of the facilities upgrades will focus on the elementary schools (because previous bonds did not focus on these facilities), every school in the district will receive some improvements.

The bond will allow us to:

  • Build capacity to accommodate elementary growth
  • Provide classroom size equity across the district—because overcrowded classrooms make learning difficult
  • Improve accessibility
  • Provide more secure entrances in every school
  • Provide safe pick-up and drop-off areas
  • Eliminate 11 portable classrooms, which are unsecured, unhealthy and unsafe (at Hillcrest, New York, Sunflower & Sunset Hill)
  • Dedicate lunchrooms that will be separate from gymnasiums, creating much-needed instruction space & restoring staff time currently lost to juggling schedules and competing for resources
  • Make district-wide infrastructure improvements to support information technology
  • Save $280,000 each year in wasted energy costs through long overdue HVAC, electrical, and plumbing upgrades (this number is considered a conservative estimate; savings may be more)
  • Prepare schools to be net-zero ready

These improvements will make our tax dollars go further and create healthier, safer and more modern schools.

Please vote YES on April 2nd.