A 21st Century Education. Say Yes to Teaching the Way Kids Really Learn

Students need flexible learning spaces that support the way they really learn (not sitting in a desk in one position facing one direction all day). The bond was created with a vision of creating spaces that support learning and creativity exploration.

The bond will allow us to:

  • Modernize aging facilities that need reinvestment to be designed for the learning & teaching needs of today and tomorrow
  • Provide more flexible instructional spaces that allow for different kinds of teaching throughout the day – activities like individual work, break-out projects and in-class multi-modal learning activities
  • Provide Elementary resource spaces that are flexible and dispersed throughout schools, creating multiple learning environments for students and appropriate collaboration/office space for teachers
  • Provide elementary special education spaces that enable sensory learning activities and are equipped with restrooms and adequate storage
  • Enable teachers to better engage students, differentiate instruction and meet individual student needs with content and skills taught with relevance and practical application
  • Expand access to technology in schools, finally bringing USD 497 into the 21st century
  • Support the teaching of in-depth critical thinking and the ways it connects to technology
  • Prepare a generation of kids who are digital natives to thrive in a changing world

Students learn best in flexible learning spaces. Helps us provide them.

Please vote YES on April 2nd.